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――Aim for science and technology
which harmonize with environment and man――

Corporate philosophy

We will work on solving energy problems
and protection of the global environment
based on the origin of life
as our most important goal

The base of science and technology is the power of nature.
Therefore, nature and science must be in harmony.

Moreover, we man and nature are closely connected through water,
atmospheric air and foods.
Man is a part of nature, and a part of the earth.
Natural science and biological science
should be dealt with in the same framework and base.

Moreover, we play the role to inherit the life and
the global environment from the remote past and
connect them to the far future.

Based on this concept, EarthFutureTec. develops
its businesses with four types of harmony as the basic concept.

Harmony between natural environment and science/technology Harmony between earth and man Harmony between present and future Harmony between natural science and biological science

Science and technology for the global environment and future

Science and technology may protect or destroy our environment depending on how we use each item. If we pursueour own national interest alone, and our neighborhood or global environment is
contaminated, we, all mankind, will have to taste the same suffering.

Scientific technology and business need to contribute to their country’s development, at the same time, need to develop with a global perspective and for the future generation.

EarthFutureTec. supports scientists, who share a vision and sense of responsibility, develops scientific technology, especially, for environmental protection, clean energy and health as our main theme for our business activities.