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――Aim for science and technology
which harmonize with environment and man――

Purpose statement

To support the technology that pioneers the future of the earth

Earth Future Technology (EarthFutureTec.) is a corporation established to realize the philosophy of
the Japan Society of Humanistic Anthropology Association and Global Reconciliation Organization
WAKAI (GROW) in a concrete way.

Japan Society of Humanistic Anthropology Association is a public interest group which aims to
prompt interdisciplinary communication among researchers of Humanity Science, Social Science and
Natural Science to develop humanistic anthropology which can lead a new age ideologically.

We have been discussing about various issues such as poverty, conflict, education and medical care.
Especially, our environment and energy problems are urgent global issues.

This is the most important theme which directly connects to the solution for economic and
social conflicts.

Among our participants, there are those scientists who have pursued their research with those issues
in their perspectives

We examined some of the research results and reached the conclusion that we can support them to
form a business which has a great social significance by introducing our technology.

EarthFutureTec. was established to present concrete products for the world which embody the futuristic technology. It is our important mission to both gather researchers who share our vision broadly and to collect our potential and support with financial needs and information as much as possible.

EarthFutureTec., as a company, needs profit to sustain the business, but the more important thing is to keep philosophical anthropology as our basic idea and develop our business activities to promote global environmental protection and bring the solution to the energy problems as our most important goals.